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Babes Brigade


Babes Brigade is a women’s skateboarding brand and group founded by Stephanie Battieste in July 2015. After spending countless years skating at her local skate parks, usually as the only female, Stephanie began to start seeing more and more girls skating.


She realized there were others but wanted to find a way for them to connect. After a little brainstorming she decided social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram would be the best way to do so. She then created weekly meet ups just for women to meet up and skate together. The idea was to simply skate together but it very quickly became a support group and safe space for women on and off the board.


 Stephanie grew up with three brothers, which made her comfortable around the opposite sex, so her position was never that she felt uncomfortable skating with guys but that she wanted to skate with other women too. After launching the group she realized that the biggest issue for many women was the fear to actually go to the park since it was male dominated and unknown territory. So having the group took off the edge.


After a year of weekly meet ups, skate trips, and women’s only skate contests (a first to ever happen in Toronto) Stephanie decided her next move would be to start teaching lessons, she also intends on helping the group and brand grow by also offering apparel and skateboards for purchase. The emphasis is on creating a women’s skateboarding industry for younger girls to aspire to be part of. 

Through her journey she has teamed up with many local female skaters who are also talented photographers, videographers and designers. These women contribute greatly to the group. We have an entire community of women supporting each other to make this all possible.

Stephanie would like to thank the following people and businesses for helping her along the way: Photographers Chantal Garcia, Stella Grob and Black Umbrella Photography, Russell Dougherty, Skate Loft, CJ's Skatepark, Vans, The Baitshop, El Furniture, Brittany Farhat and the entire Group and Team!



Babes Brigade girls skateboarding lesson. Steph Battieste in the lead skateboarder.

Stephanie Battieste teaching at Skate Loft

Photographer Brittany Farhat

Video by Chantal Garcia | Dufferin Grove Skatepark 2016

Babes Brigade group photo. Girls skateboarding club based in Toronto

Photographer Chantal Garcia 

Video by Chantal Garcia | Babes Skate North Skate Trip

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