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Monday Lessons at Skate Loft start Monday February 12th and will run for 3 Mondays in a row, February 12th, 19th and 26th. Choose between a 5:30pm class time or a 6:30pm class time. Lessons run for 45 minutes.Lesson times are arranged on a first come first serve basis and age is organized based off of requests. So either class may be for Adults or Youth, depending on who requests first. There is only room for 3 students per hour. If interested you must register for all 3 classes, please send us an email as soon as possible. After releasing date and time availability we will know which class is for youth or adults by February 9th. EMAIL INFO@BABESBRIGADE.CA TODAY. Please make sure to subscribe to our email list, just refresh this page and wait for the pop up to fill in your email. This is how you will receive our schedule on a monthly basis along with all important info.

BabesBrigade-180218-BrittanyFarhat-075A1473-2 copy.jpg
BabesBrigade - 180716 - Photos by Brittany Farhat


Photos by E.S Cheah Photography 

Our first ever release of Babes Brigade Skateboards for sale. Sizes 7.75, 8 or 8.25. Email to purchase and for pick up info. $90


Photo by E.S Cheah Photography

Meet your skateboard instructor and the Founder of Babes Brigade, Steph Battieste

group shot of women in canada and Toronto who skateboard. These women ar taking skateboarding lessons with Babes Brigade.

Lessons are for everyone regardless of identity, gender or race. Founder and Owner Steph Battieste is a BIPOC female who aims to provide a safe space for everyone to skate, learn and build friendships within the community. She has done so successfully over the past six years.