Babes Brigade has a team of 8 Women who are 18+ These women represent some of the best female skaters in Ontario. These ladies are talented skaters but they also contribute a lot through teaching lessons and helping out at events and contests. Stephanie specifically chose these women because they represent the spirit of the group, encouraging and inspiring girls to skateboard.

Emily Grinton

"I started skating when I was 8 years old and skated consistently until I was about 20, then started again when I was 24. I fell in love with the freedom that skateboarding provides me. It’s the one place where I feel truly at ease. I was originally attracted to skateboarding because it was a challenge and it was unique. The possibilities are endless in the world of skateboarding. I spend my time running a health coaching business, helping women live healthier lifestyles so they can go live a kickass life. I’m really passionate about helping others reach their full potential! I also love mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling and being outside. My goals with skateboarding are to always progress, pick up some sponsors be a positive influence and to have a shot at being on the Olympic team. I’m so proud to be a member of the Babes Brigade because I have been waiting my whole life to skate with a bunch of rad girls! The Babes represent everything I love about skating…positivity, progression, uniqueness and fun. The girls are always encouraging and are really pushing the limits of female skateboarding! I couldn’t be more happy to be part of such an amazing group."

Amber Moffatt

"I was intrigued by skateboarding at a very young age. I bought my first skate deck with my dad from a garage sale around the age of 7 . When I was 11  my city opened up a outdoor park and that's when skating became life to me. If I'm not skating or working I'm being Mom to Will and Jack.. I enjoy cross training hikes with my dog Laska, and driving my CTS.  In the future I hope to stay healthy and keep learning new tricks. As well as improving my consistency  in contest runs. If the Olympics are a go, I would really like to score a spot on the Canadian team . Skating  and rolling up to events with the Babes team always gets me hyped.. Every member is unique and supportive. As an older team member I enjoy stoking the fire of the younger up and comers. Being able to witness  their progression is rewarding as well.  I can't wait to see what is next for the gang!"

Bianca Lio

"It’s been 12 years since Harry Potter and Avril Lavigne were a thing, which is about the time I got my first skateboard - straight from Canadian Tire. Love at first sight. I've always been into sports and a good challenge. Skateboarding became a lifestyle. I bring my board with me everywhere, just in case - Seriously, as far back as I can remember.  What a journey it has taken me on, and I can’t wait for the many adventures ahead. I am especially lucky to be a part of the Babes Brigade, because the positivity of our crew is contagious. With each others support we are achieving our goals and making new ones as we go. We’ve got the best squad. I can do this for life…"

Parm Kaur

"I've been skating on and off for what seems like my whole life, it all started off with a Hulk Skateboard (that I would repeatedly spray paint over - even the wheels - yikes). I used to be a really annoying little sister (probably still am) and I would copy every single thing my older sister would do. So, when she wanted a skateboard, so did I -- only thing is, is that I stuck with it whereas she didn't. I just graduated from Ryerson University with a criminal justice degree -- so what I am doing with my life is quite unclear at the moment, I sort of have heart palpitations when I think about it. Beside's from skateboarding, and me anxiously thinking about my future, I like to waste my days watching really garbage movies and writing the worst jokes on my twitter. Being part of babe's is something I am really proud about, it feels really good to part of a symbol/statement for women skateboarders in Toronto." 

Maddy Balt

"I started skateboarding when I was around 10 years old but I was pursuing other sports at the time so I stopped after a few years. I decided to pick up my board and head to a Babes Brigade meet up in July of 2016 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I think what attracted me to skating is the freedom of it. Nobody is really telling you what to do, how to do it or where to do it.. minus the occasional security guard. Other than skating I like to spend time outdoors hiking, mountain biking and slack lining. I’m also in the process of launching my own company. My goals for skating are to pick up a couple of sponsors, travel and hit contests and just keep progressing and having a good time. I’m stoked to be a part of the first Babes Brigade Skate team because as a team we can encourage other girls to try skating and progress the sport!"

Dana Alwazani

"I started skateboarding when I was 13 but stopped after a couple of years, I got back into it two years ago and have been progressing steadily with a solid crew! All of my friends skateboarded when we were young and so I was introduced to it that way. Besides skating, I work full time as a graphic designer and like to play music whenever I can, but skateboarding has been my #1 hobby. I just want to keep having fun on the board with my friends and progress enough to be able to skate contests with confidence. Super proud to be a part of the Babes Brigade skate team, everyone who is a part of it brings their own special vibe and style, it's a solid group of girls to learn from."

Anna Hyzka

"I have been skateboarding since I was 8 years old. In high school I decided to start skating in the park. Skaters riding past my house always got my attention, I thought it was the coolest thing. Later on one of my friend's got a board so I decided I would get one too. Outside of skateboarding I am attending school. I plan on graduating university and getting my RN licence. My goal with skating is to keep progressing and skate in contests across Canada and other countries. I am proud to be a member of the first Babes Brigade Skate Team. The Babes Brigade is always promoting woman's skateboarding and getting new girls on the board. With the groups encouragement I have been trying so many new things. Love yourself, love your life, love Babes Brigade"

Chantal Garcia


"I got my first skateboard at 8 years old. It was orange and black and completely flat with a handle, almost like a fat scooter. I immediately ripped the handle off and started skating around and the rest is history. I started committing myself to skating in 2015 when I found out about the Babes Brigade. Ever since then I've been progressing both in street and transition. I've been lucky enough to mix my photography with skating and the result has had me so stoked. Being able to skate and photograph skating is all I need. The dream is to leave the industry where I work now and start a career in the skate industry as a Photographer or Art Director. But honestly, any job in the skate industry would make me the happiest. I'm so hyped to be part of this team of girls because they are all so talented. Not only are they rad skaters, but I'm proud to be apart of a team that adds to the skate industry and scene here in Toronto."